Pool Repair

Residential and Commercial Pool Repairs in Frisco, Tx

We have been repairing our neighbor’s pools and keeping them up to date with the latest technologies and State requirements. The new technologies allow for significant  savings as well as complete automation.

We make taking care of your pool EASY…

• Filter Repairs

• Automation

• Salt Chlorine Generators and repairs

• Leak Detection

• Plumbing Repairs

• Clogged line repair

• Chlorinator repairs

• Virginia Graeme Baker Act Compliant Main Drain Covers

• Equipment upgrades

Commercial Pool Repair

Serving North Texas, we have been keeping our commercial customers happy regarding their commercial pool/spa. We offer quick repairs or replacement of all your components, from pumps, filters, heaters, and sanitization systems. Our qualified technicians will give you expert diagnostics on all your pool needs.

• Filter Replacement and Repairs

• Feeder Repairs

• Plumbing and Valve replacements

• Virginia Graeme Baker Act Compliant Main Drain Covers

• Collector tanks and refits

• Safety equipment

Hot Tub Repair

We can upgrade your spa

• Controller upgrades

• Replacement spa covers

• Ozone systems

• Plumbing repairs

• Drain and Cleans

• Leak detection

• Jet Replacement

• Parts

• Cover-lifts

• Chemical kits

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