Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning in Frisco, TX with J&J Pool Service

Our pool filter cleanings cost $89 for customers on our regular schedule where they have pre-approved cleanings based on the time frame they select, usually every 6 months. A one time filter cleaning costs $119.

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What Types of Pool Filters Need to be Cleaned?

Filter cleanings are necessary for nearly all residential swimming pools. The reason for this is approximately 98% of residential swimming pools in Plano, Flower Mound, and Dallas areas are either DE (diatomaceous earth), cartridge, or some combination of the two types called a hybrid. . The remaining 1-2% are sand filters which do not disassemble and clean up without a sand change. Commercial swimming pools in comparison are nearly all outfitted with sand filters for several reasons.


Don’t void your pool filter warranty!

Filter manufacturers and swimming pool builders require regular filter cleanings to ensure their warranties are not voided. They usually recommend filter cleanings them every 3-6 months depending on which type of filter and the manufacturer.

A swimming pool filter warranty will also usually be voided by a home warranty company without proof of regular filter cleanings.

If you have home warranty coverage on your pool equipment they will usually refuse coverage on your filter repairs if you cannot demonstrate it has been well maintained with regular filter cleanings. Unfortunately many swimming pool owners find out about this after it is too late.


Did you know filter cleanings pay for themselves?

The electricity savings alone will often cover the cost. To verify this just put a voltmeter on the filter pump motor and measure the amount of amps it is drawing when running before and after your filter cleaning. NOTE: If you are not familiar with electricity or qualified to do this please hire a professional.

A dirty filter that has been cleaned will often drop the average pressure on the tank by 5-10psi. This increased flow through the filter means the filter pump will draw less amps or power. Since your filter pump motor is one of the biggest consumers of power in your home this savings in power will directly affect your electric bill. Why give this money to the electric company when you could have a healthier pool instead?


With a clean and maintained pool filter you will:

  • Lower your electrical bill – this alone could pay for a swimming pool filter cleaning.
  • Get healthier pool water – 10-20lbs of dirt and gunk will no longer be in your swimming pools circulatory system. Your pool water will not longer be pumped through this gunk. Also you will be at less risk of algae outbreaks.
  • Prolong your pool filter’s life – less stress on the internals means less repairs.
  • Prolong the life of your filter pump motor – less resistance from the filter means it can do its job of moving your pool water more easily.


A filter cleaning is not to be confused with a filter backwash. Our filter cleanings include:

  1. A full disassemble on all the grids and filter internals.
  2. Cleaning the internals and the inside of the tank.
  3. Using an acid solution as needed to remove any calcium buildup on the grids.
  4. Lubricating the backwash valve if it is a push pull or slide.
  5. Resealing the tank.
  6. Re-charging the filter with DE (if needed).
  7. Testing for proper filtration.


What does a filter cleaning cost?

Our pool filter cleanings cost $89 for customers on our regular filter cleaning schedule where they have pre-approved cleanings based on the time frame they selected, usually every 6 months. A one time filter cleaning costs $119.

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Save Money: Have Your Filter Cleaned Regularily

You may already know, or have an idea, of the importance of having your D.E. or cartridge filter cleaned regularly.

The One Disadvantage To Having a D.E. Filter In Texas

Typically, when you think of pool maintenance and what kind of filtration system is best, the answer is always a Diatomaous Earth, or D.E. filter. But is there any real drawback to having a D.E. filter?

Well, yes, even here in the DFW metroplex, there is a disadvantage to having one. You may ask, “but I was told by my builder, local pool store employee, or even service tech that D.E. filters are the best because they filter out the most debris.” That is a true statement, but there is one thing that they fail to mention.

So what is the disadvantage that I am referring to? Cold weather !!

D.E. filters are made to run for a set amount of time each day. At the end of the filter cycle, when the timeclock turns off, the D.E. drops to the bottom of the filter until the timeclock comes back on and the filter coats the “grids” inside and begins the filtration process again.

During the colder months, while freezeguards are overriding the timeclock, the filter stays running 24 hours a day, or until the temperature gets above the setting override on the freezeguard (typically between 32-40 degrees). That being said, the filter not only has a harder time keeping up, but the pressure in the filter goes up very quickly, as well.

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